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沖縄 笹桐庵 〈 Okinawa Sasagirian 〉

Japanese hospitality "tea ceremony"
And surprised to visit, mountains and green, surrounded by flower space "Kibougaoka"
Through the tea ceremony, it touches the history in the minds of the Japanese.
Under the teacher of Urasenke flow, you can experience when it enters the static vertical tea.
One of the "Waryukashi" is also attractive to get together.
To you ... a special time that can only experience here
Also supports foreign tourists.
Sitting straight is also you're not good, chair-type (Ritsurei type) is also available.
In earnest tearoom that quietly nestled in Onna,
You can spend the mind quietly valuable time.


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茶道体験 笹桐庵 〈Tea ceremony experience Sasakirian〉

<Tradition of Japanese culture tea ceremony>
To obtain the leisure in the quiet space, taste the green tea of the dose and sweets, "when" loose or you would you like to spend the Forrest Gump! I look forward to young and old everyone of you Ryan.

Sitting was dressed in waiting, get off to an open field and Hakikae to the sense and sandals you have prepared
• The Tsukubai to draw water in the ladle to proceed, to cleanse the hands and mouth, and go up to the seat wicket a crawl-through doorway.
Floor proceeds to before, tea axis, Camellia, kettle, we will look of tea utensils. And built their own tea to move the ants sweets greeting the top to Ritsurei seat (stool) from the seat main, you'll learn how to drink.
Finally tea axis of today's tastes, strip, HanaIri, air furnace destination, kettle, water finger, tea container, thin instrument, tea average, bowl, we will how and inscription of description of appreciation, such as old 帛紗.


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Also we have heard the 1st charter.

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Street address
Onna character Nakama 1765-8
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Telephone number 03-5449-0359
FAX 03-5449-0359

Mail info@msquare-global.com

Access 1
About 20 minutes by car (general road) from Yaka IC

Access 2
Kyoda about 10-15 minutes by car (general road) from the IC
Parking Garage
Five * FREE
  * Small bus possible
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